Hi, my name is Natalie.

I am relatively new to Stellar Fitness, joining for the 12 week challenge mid 2016. A couple of my friends had signed up, and after trying various weight-loss 'things' unsuccessfully I decided to join up too.

I have been a City Fitness member back when they were Solutions and up until three years ago, I was a regular gym goer.  Then I got a new job which saw me give away my fitness in favour of long hours and copious amounts of wine to combat the stress I was under.  I lost 7kg before starting that role and gained that back plus an additional 7kg for good measure!

I felt horrible each and every day.  My clothes were tight and uncomfortable, I was drinking a bottle of wine a night, wasn't sleeping well, was lethargic, had dry skin, bags under my eyes you could pack for a world trip in and I wasn't exercising at all.... I was lucky to get to the gym or up kaukau once a week.  

Since joining Stellar Fitness, I have reignited my passion for group fitness.  I wasn't intending on attending more than one class a week as after all, I had my gym donation, oops, membership too and as a single parent, I do work to a budget. 

However, I'm now doing 3-4 Stellar classes a week (please don't do the math) and love the variety and the camaraderie of the ladies that attend.  There are no show ponies just a bunch of mostly Mums who share a common goal, to lead a healthy life through good food choices and regular exercise.

I have rekindled friendships from the past, people I went to college with and others I just know from being a local.  What a great bunch of people.

Kat is a fantastic motivator and the ideal role model.  I remember when she taught the Fight-Do classes at City Fitness, pregnant.... she was inspiring then and she is still inspiring now.

Just look at that figure and the energy she has for all of us - regardless of our coordination or fitness level.

Thanks Kat, I'm hooked!

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