"Kat has been more than a world class trainer, she has been a friend and a great support to me in my venture to get fit and healthy."
Bella, Wellington

"I've been a client of Katrina's for many years, and the success I've had in my journey to health and well-being is due in large part to her expert advice, persistence and commitment to results.  Through her services as a personal trainer, I've gone from couch potato to finish the 160 km Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, and regularly finish 10k runs mid-field. 

Katrina takes care to work with her clients, to set manageable goals and then to help her clients with well-chosen diet, exercise and health advice.  She teaches her clients how to eat well, how to make simple effective choices that support their goals, and helps them to stay focussed. She's committed to quality advice, based on solid qualifications and her own experience as an athlete and instructor."
Geoff, Wellington

"Katrina’s supportive attitude and understanding of my injuries has helped me become active and lose the kilos that I wanted to, she has made such a difference in how I feel about myself now."
Mellissa, Wellington

"I have worked out with Katrina Philip for about 2 years. I believe she changed my life. I feel very fit and toned. She customises her personal training sessions around her clients needs and goals.

 If you are thinking of training with a professional, I highly recommend Katrina. She worked with my fitness goals for two years and I couldn’t be happier with the results.
 She herself is an inspiration to others with her presentation."
Swarna, Wellington

"Katrina is a motivator. She makes your goals achievable and the process enjoyable.  Katrina takes your dreams and your time seriously and her sessions are challenging and fun.  She knows exactly where you're going and how she's going to help you get there.  Think of the best personal trainer you've ever had and times him/her by ten.  Then you have Katrina."
Yvonne, Wellington

"To anyone considering using Katrina as your personal trainer, I would say absolutely. Kat has the necessary skills to help you to achieve your goals, the bubbly personality needed for great customer service and the surprising ability to get you to enjoy the gym program she recommends. Katrina's training sessions are the first ones I have not treated as a chore."
Kathy, Wellington 
"I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy training with Katrina Philip. She is highly qualified and  professional in her field. The training she provides is individualized to suit the client and continually evaluated. She is friendly, helpful and encouraging. I like the fact that she continues to build on her professionalism by further educating herself. Katrina encourages and supports one to reach their goals. She provides additional resources to help one achieve these. I would highly recommend her services."
Aroha, Wellington

"I’ve been working with Kat since 2009 to reach my fitness goals.  She is a great trainer and will adapt a workout to suit your situation (work/home or when you’re travelling) and to help you achieve your personal goals.  She is always bubbly and friendly.  Kat is a fantastic motivator, she always has great solutions/alternative suggestions to adapting a workout or diet plan to make it suit your situation.  I would recommend Kat as a trainer to anyone."
Jenny, Wellington


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