Do you want to learn how to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Are you stuck in a rut? 

Have you tried "everything" but just not seeing the results you're after?

Then my 12-week challenge is for you!!

 This challenge has been run for the past 6 years, helping women in the community achieve their health, fitness and weight loss    goals - it could be to lose weight, drop a clothes size, increase energy levels, lead a healthier lifestyle, or maintain weight loss that has already been achieved. 

  Whether you are just starting out on your weight loss journey, or just want a little extra motivation losing the extra couple of kilos, this challenge can help you get there! 

My 12-week challenge will guide and motivate you to become the best version of yourself!


Join my Challenge for only $40 - ditch your old habits and take control of your life - make this the time that counts!!


You will receive:

    A basic, no-frills, balanced healthy eating plan to follow, that is easily adaptable and that has proven to get REAL results time and time again

    Weekly weigh-ins, daily motivational texts, weekly emails, and weekly tasks to help keep you focused - plus a chance every week to win a free class

Free access to a forum page and a secret facebook group which is a great support network – somewhere to ask questions, be accountable, and support each other - so you never feel alone

   A fun, team experience - make new friends, find group support and motivation with other like-minded women...while working towards your health, weight and fitness goals

Helpful tips & information on good nutrition & long-term health

    Weekly Goal Setting & worksheets - Each sheet has a table, containing all the different aspects of a healthy lifestyle (for example,      having no sugar, no alcohol, eating green veggies, doing 30 minutes of exercise, drinking water, etc), and each of these has a            different point value. There is a prize (a voucher for Stellar Fitness classes) for the greatest amount of points earnt. 

Improve your fitness levels, tone up  & increase your  weight loss with Group Fitness classes (additional charges apply)


INTIAL WEIGH-IN: 5:45-6:25pm, MONDAY 26TH FEBRUARY, 2018 – Newlands Primary School hall


FINAL WEIGH-IN: 5:45-6:25pm, MONDAY, 21ST MAY, 2018  –Newlands Primary School hall



1st, 2nd, and 3rd place cash prizes

 Free classes to be won every week!!

** REFERRAL SYSTEM: As a way of saying thank you, for every friend you refer that signs up to do their first challenge, you receive 1 FREE STELLAR FITNESS CLASS! 



     If you've reached your goal weight/size from participating in a previous Stellar Fitness Challenge - CONGRATULATIONS! Enjoy the camaraderie, motivation, extra support and accountability


-All the attendance requirements are the same as the Transformation challenge

        - Weekly weigh-ins are offered (but not compulsory), however you will earn points for MAINTAINING  (+/- 1kg) your previous weight (points deducted for gaining more than 1kg).

- If you lose more than 1kg, no extra points are given, however you must maintain that weight to earn points.

- Booklets will contain additional information relating to nutrition, additional recipies, offering a little more variety.

           PRIZE: The person who earns the most healthy lifestyle points will win a Stellar Fitness voucher - to be used on classes, or clothing

    Common Challenge Questions:

    Here are the answers to some of the more common questions (& APPLY TO BOTH CATAGORIES):

    How many Weigh-ins are there?                                                                                                      

    The Challenge itself runs for 12 weeks duration. The initial weigh-in is on the commencement date of the challenge which is Monday, the 26TH FEBUARY,  from 5:45pm-6:25pm. There you will weigh-in, and receive your registration pack once payment for the challenge has been made. 

    I will get to meet you all personally and answer any questions that you may have. There is a circuit class that commences at        6:30pm, which you are welcome to join, please note that there is an additional cost for the classes. (see pricing page or Circuit classes page for more information). 

    After that, there is weigh-ins at the same time every week. These are not compulsory to attend, but I do recommend that you try and attend as many as you can. The winner of each weekly weigh-in (based on the greatest % of weight lost) gets to attend a class for free the following week as an added bonus (you can choose from a Circuit or Fight-fit class). 

    There is the final weigh-in on the 21ST MAY, and a results announcement and prize-giving ceremony on Monday the 28TH           MAY,  from 6:15-6:25pm.

    How much does this cost?                                                                                                               

    The cost is a single payment of $40 register for the Challenge. 

    Are there any additional costs?

    To participate in the challenge, and receive all the tools offered, a minimum attendance of 1 CLASS PER WEEK is required (a class is $10).

    You will also get a lot of additional tools to help you work towards your goals, such as daily motivational texts for the duration of the challenge, weekly emails that have tasks for you to complete to help you make healthy lifestyle changes.

    Do I have to use your programme?                                                                                                  

    I support all HEALTHY weight loss programmes, but for this challenge I have designed a healthy eating guide that is suitable for the whole family to follow and it has had amazing results from previous challenge contestants. If you are wanting a more specific structured eating plan, for an additional cost I can design a personalised programme for you for successful safe and healthy weight loss designed to keep your weight off forever!

    I don't have much to lose - Can I still Win?                                                                                                        

      The Winners are the people who lose the biggest Percentage of Weight Loss during the Challenge. This means that the contest is fair for women regardless of your starting weight. There is also 2 prizes for the most amount of healthy lifestyle points earnt throughout both challenges, which is great if you're just wanting to maintain your weight and practise healthy habits.

    Is my progress Private?                                                                                                                           

    Of course it is! I am not in the business of humiliating people. The weekly Weigh-ins and optional measurements are confidential to the Challenge contestants  and myself, your personal Trainer.  I do send out an email every week to the group with the percentage of weight lost results, as this positive reinforcement is great motivation for everybody, but I use first initials only and do not mention actual kilos lost. (depending on your start weight, you can lose a small amount of weight, but it can read as a high %, and vice-versa).

    What happens if I miss a Weigh-in?                                                                                                                           

    The weekly weigh-ins are not compulsory; the only ones you must attend are the initial and end weigh-ins to be in the running for the cash prizes. However, I cannot emphasise how important it is to attend as many as you can to keep you accountable and on track. You are more likely to stay on track – or get back on track if needed, by checking in on a regular basis. It is also good to check in and see how everyone else is going, to keep motivating each can be reassuring to know that the girl next to you is finding it just as hard as you may be…it’s great to know that you’re not alone!! It gives you a chance to ask any questions that you may have. And, as an added bonus, you get the chance to win a free class!

    What happens if I gain Weight?                                                                                                          

    Sticking to your eating guide is the best way to avoid this. If you are just starting to exercise sometimes the scales can go up initially before going down…the best thing to do is to keep following the plan. I recommend that you do your measurements regularly as these can give you a more accurate measure. Please do ask for help when you need it.

    Can I invite my friends along?                                                                                                

    Absolutely! I encourage you to bring (women) friends along to join the Challenge and attend any classes with you (there are some classes that are open to men also, please see group classes pages). This will be even more motivating and fun for you and your fat loss!

    I have more questions - How do I get them answered?                                                                    

    You can send me a message directly through my ‘contact’ page, and I will contact you within 24 hours. I can answer any further questions you might have. Once you have registered, you will receive an email from me with more details regarding the challenge.

    Do I Have to Attend the Stellar Fitness Classes offered on the website?                 

    I have found in previous challenges that the girls that came to my classes regularly had a higher success rate in their fat loss, and maintaining their goal weight. The only criteria for this challenge is that you must attend at least 1 CLASS EVERY WEEK.                                                                                                                                                                

    In a fortnight, I offer 14 classes, including early morning, daytime, evening, and weekend classes, and different types of classes such as Circuit, Boxing (an interactive boxing class), Tabata (a high-intensity interval training class) and Fight-fit (a shadow-boxing cardio class). These classes cater to all fitness levels so there is something that will suit everyone – whether you’re new to exercise, a new mum, recovering from injury, or looking to increase or change up your current exercise routine). 

    Please make sure before registering for the challenge that you are able to attend at least 1 class every 7 days. You will increase your weight-loss results with regular exercise. The registration pack includes information on what the different types of exercise are (e.g low-intensity vs. high-intensity). If you are going away during the course of the challenge, you will need to let me know the dates, and the date of the class that you will resume the week you get back,  to remain in the challenge.

    I realise that things come up, so have devised a 3-strike system. If you can only attend 1 particular class a week, and other commitments prevent you from attending it (and you aren't able to attend a different one that week to make up the minimum attendance required), you will get a strike for that week. You will still be in the challenge, however you won't be able to receive the daily texts, submit the weekly healthy lifestyle points, or attend the weekly weigh-in. You will get 2 passes, so can miss 2 weeks' worth of classes. However, the 3rd strike (or week missed) will mean that you will no longer be able to participate in the challenge. If you miss a weeks' worth of classes, once you attend a class the following week you will be able to resume the weekly weigh-ins, receive the daily texts, etc. 

    What if I Become Injured or sick?

    In terms of injuries, all of my classes can be modified to suit individual needs, so you will be able to attend a class still. If you become sick, you'll need to let me know...and we'll decide whether or not you should exercise still, or rest.  :)

   Can I Still Attend the Classes if I'm No Longer in the Challenge?                                                     

    Of course!! If you end up dropping out of the challenge at any stage you are more than welcome to still to continue coming to any of the classes that I offer…you will just no longer continue to receive the additional services that I provide for the challenge.


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