Do you want to learn how to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle? Maybe you DO know what to do but lack support, accountibility and motivation?

Are you stuck in a rut after coming out of lockdown? Have you decided that enough is enough and you are ready to make a change?

Have you tried "everything" but just not seeing the results you're after? 

Then my 8-week challenges are for you!!

These challenges have been running for the past 10 years, helping women (and now men) in the community achieve their health, fitness and weight loss goals - it could be to lose weight, drop a clothes size, increase energy levels, improve your fitness levels, lead a healthier lifestyle, or maintain weight loss that has already been achieved. 

Whether you are just starting out on your weight loss journey, or just want a little extra motivation losing the extra couple of kilos, this challenge can help you get there! 

Join my beautiful community of positive and empowered women that are saying no more to restrictive diets and excessive exercise, no more to body shame and food guilt! Let's get back to basics by nourishing our WHOLE selves, get healthy in our minds, bodies and souls! 

Let me motivate you to become the best version of yourself!

Join my Challenge for only $40 - ditch your old habits and take control of your life - make this the time that counts! 

When you sign up for the challenge, you will receive: 

  •  A basic, no-frills, balanced healthy eating plan to follow, that is easily adaptable and that has proven to get REAL results time and time again
  • Weekly weigh-ins, motivational texts throughout the week to help keep yo umotivated, weekly emails, which include weekly tasks to help keep you focused - plus a chance every week to win free Stellar Fitness merchandise (none of which is compulsory - you can choose to use what will work for you best)
  • Free access to a  secret facebook group which is a great support network – somewhere to ask questions, be accountable, and support each other - so you never feel alone (ladies only in this group)
  • A fun, team experience - make new friends, find group support and motivation with other like-minded women...while working towards your health, weight and fitness goals
  • Helpful tips & information on good nutrition & long-term health
  • Weekly Goal Setting & points worksheets    
  • Improve your fitness levels, tone up & increase your weight loss with Group Fitness classes (additional charges apply)


If you would love some support and accountibility to..

  • kick your bad habits
  • manage your sabotagong thoughts
  • feel lighter and more energetic during these warmer months, and while coming into winter





INTIAL WEIGH-IN: 6-6:25pmMonday, 20 September - Monday, 15 November, 2021 (pending level 2) - Newlands Primary School hall

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place cash prizes

 Free Stellar Fitness merchandise to be won every week!!

** REFERRAL SYSTEM: As a way of saying thank you, for every friend you refer that signs up to do their first Transformation challenge, you receive 1 STELLAR FITNESS SINGLET OF YOUR CHOICE



INTIAL WEIGH-IN: 6-6:25pm, Monday, 28 February, 2022  – Newlands Primary School hall

FINAL WEIGH-IN:  Monday, 25 April, 2022   –Centennial hall - Time to be confirmed

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place cash prizes

 Free Stellar Fitness merchandise to be won every week!!

** REFERRAL SYSTEM: As a way of saying thank you, for every friend you refer that signs up to do their first Transformation challenge, you receive 1 STELLAR FITNESS SINGLET OF YOUR CHOICE















You won't see any before or after pictures on my website of my clients, as I feel that a picture dosen't capture their inner Transformations. Along with achieving their fat loss goals that you CAN see on the outside, my participants have also achieved the following:

- an increase in confidence and self-esteem

- improved health markers e.g blood pressure lowers, pre-diabetes is reversed, cholesterol is lowered, etc

- they now exercise because they LOVE their body.

- an improved mindset and relationship towards food...they can maintain a healthy lifestyle, and enjoy eating foods that they love

- they motivate and encourage each other throughout the challenge

- are so much happier within themselves

The pic above is of MY journey...the pic on the left I was at my heaviest..I'd been dealing with health issues and a severe injury..which affected my whole mindset in relation to food and exercise. That photo in 2016, 3 months before my 40th birthday however, was my turning point...I looked at it, and decided that I wasn't going to spend another decade fighting with my body and yo-yoing with my weight..I needed to change my whole outlook towards food and exercise.

The pic on the right is a year and a half later (March 2018)...I lost the weight that I wanted to, and have maintained it ever since. By changing my daily habits, and changing my mindset, I now live a lifestyle where I am happy within myself, I can have a week off and go on holiday and not revert back to my 'old' habits. I've now finally learnt to appreciate what my body can do, and accept what it can't. 

While I give you a food guide to follow with meal suggestions, I help you find whatever works for YOU to make it sustainable. I also teach you the same tools that have helped me achieve what I have done on my journey so far. The community of support that is formed during these challenges is what makes it truly a success...you have 100% support from not only me, but the other girls..you're not alone.  :)


Please don't just take my word for it, here's what some of my previous challenge participants say..

“I started Stellar Fitness classes when I was so large and unfit that I couldn’t get up off the floor. Kat quietly supported me to achieve my goals without acting like anything was unusual.” Angela.

“A Great supportive environment to help you reach your goals. The maintenance challenge gives valuable information to help maintain your results.” Delwyn.

“It made me feel that I was successful and fulfilled MY goal.” Isabel.

The whole environment supports you to reach your goal - there is no ego and no pressure only strong, confident women who are all right behind you. It was fun, challenging, easy, hard, fulfilling, frustrating and I had the best time ever!!!” J.T


“The challenge is held in an environment where everyone supports each other in a positive, affirming manner. Kat gives you options which slot right in with your lifestyle - no special meals or snacks, no shakes or supplements - just real, whole, healthy food which feed the body and soul.” J.

“The challenges have taught me and my family how to eat and exercise correctly, to add to that I am also no longer diabetic or pre diabetic. The friendship, camaraderie and support from not only you Kat, but from everyone else is what helps and gets you through to the end!” Juliet.

“Changed my thinking”.

The challenge taught me how to eat and exercise correctly so that I am no longer pre diabetic, with the added bonus of making some awesome and supportive friends”. Maria.

“The main thing that I got out of the Fitness Challenge is that it’s a long enough time to completely overhaul my habits. It made me prioritize my health and fitness which so many of us put at the bottom of our priority list, below our kids, partners, careers. After 8 weeks of making fitness and healthy eating a priority, I now crave the exercise and am encouraged by the positive results and the improvement in my mental health! I want to keep up the momentum and I feel like I’m part of a supportive community if I lack inspiration again.” Hayley.

“I’ve never been a member of a gym before or been on any diets as such. I decided to try a Stellar Fitness challenge after seeing the success my wife has had. As we both did the challenge, the plan was easy to follow and I have been able to incorporate it into our everyday lives. I am now really enjoying the Boxing and Tabata classes.” Brendon.

“Ultimately it’s up to you how you do this - you are given all the tools, support and information you need to succeed but in the end, it’s your challenge with your goals and it is your achievement!”

“Kat’s Transformation Challenges have helped me get to where I want to be. I got into good routines with my eating and fitness and feel confident for the future. Kat and the group were a never ending supply of encouragement and inspiration which I’m very grateful for.” Fiona.

“The challenges have equipped me with realistic and practical strategies to keep me fit and healthy all these years. Best part is that I journey with people whose struggles are real but whose attitudes are STELLAR!” Lizza.

“I signed up for the Transformation Challenge at the start of the year as I knew I had to do something about my weight and fitness but wasn't interested in a gym. Yes, I lost 7kgs in that challenge but it ended up being about so much more than that. I gained a new enjoyment for fitness, met new women both at classes and online, pushed myself way past what I thought I was capable of and got hooked. Who knew!! All thanks to Kat and the fantastic Stellar Fitness team.”

“Being able to learn new habits and being a part of something where everyone supports and encourages you is a good way to stay focussed on your goals.” Phil.

“I started coming to the Stellar Fitness classes when I signed up for the Fitness Challenge, and immediately I felt like part of a bigger picture; the classes are fun, every time I go I seem to talk to a new lady and find out something about them, which is nice! I feel so awesome after the classes, I just have a good time and it’s fun! Kat makes you feel so welcome and wanted as well as all the members and sometimes that’s all you need to be motivated - a sense of belonging.” Sera. 




In the last Transformation challenge, I tried something different..I introduced the Transformation+ section. This is for those who want more accountability, in regards to your eating and exercise. I started everyone off slowly, and got them to track how much they moved, and what they ate, the amount of calories that they burnt throughout the day, and taught them about the importance of protein.

From there, I worked out what their recommended daily calorie amount was, based on some specific information that I asked for. I also worked out their daily protein intake recommendation. They also chose the amount of steps that they were going to aim for each day.

Each night they sent through to me a screenshot of their daily stats. It wasn't about them being perfect, it was about being accountable. They were learning that it's ok to indulge a little on the weekends, still fall within their calorie target, and not go into 'all or nothing' mode. Needless to say, their results at the end of the challenge were awesome, as they all remained on track..or if they got off track, they got back on straight away.

I've asked them to send through what THEY got out of the experience, and here's what they had to say:

"Transformation+ - I joined into the Transformation+ at 6 weeks. It is great to have the accountability daily! It has made me aware of how little protein I actually ate and how much I need. Tracking through My Fitness Pal and knowing the calories I’m meant to eat each day has really helped! Setting my daily steps goals gives you that extra push to get out there and do something, especially when you’ve sat down all day and see how little steps you’ve done!

“If you need that further accountability, I would give the Transformation+ a go!"

"Transformation + has kept me on track through the Spring into Summer challenge. From learning about nutrition and good foods to being accountable, I highly recommend this ' secret weapon' helping you to reach your goal."

"Before I started the Transformation challenge, I hummed and hawed for a few weeks. I knew I needed to lose weight but wasn’t sure if I was ready to commit to a lifestyle change, on the very last day of registration I was very lucky a spot was still available. I have been coming to Kats classes since 2016, I have lost weight and slowly put it back on.

When Kat introduced the Transformation + it really was the boost I needed. I have learnt things I have made part of my routine, I have also pinpointed exactly were my focus needs to be, as everyone’s journey is different. If you are looking for extra support and accountability I definitely recommend giving it a go."

For an additional cost of $25 a week, they have me peering over their shoulder, giving feedback each night, and am also here if they need to reach out for extra support and advice if needed.


I know that one of the hardest times is in BETWEEN challenges...so I also offer something similar to the Transformation +.

It's called "Accountability+"…you'll submit your daily stats via messenger, and  I'll give you feedback every night so you’ll know whether you’re on track/what to focus/work on for the next day.








Do you have friends/family out of Wellington that would love to do the Transformation challenge?  Do they need some support, accountibility and motivation?

Well, now they can join the challenge with you!! 

COST: $100 

They will receive ALL the added benefits of the challenge (healthy eating booklet, daily texts, weekly tasks, access to the secret Facebook group), and for their accountibility they will need to take a photo of themselves standing on the scales every Monday night and send it to me.

PRIZE: A cash prize (deposited into a bank account) for the greatest % of weight lost.  The amount will be a % of the challenge fee, and dependant on how many participants there are.



Now it's the Men's turn!! They can join the women in the challenge! 

 I have been running this category for nearly 3 years,, and the Men have had amazing results!  

It is run exactly the same as the ladies' Transformation challenge, HOWEVER they won't be able to access the secret Facebook group (it's just for the girls only!)..but they are able to participate in the weigh-ins and tasks. You will need to be able to make the 1 CLASS A WEEK ATTENDANCE CRITERIA to participate in the challenge.

There are 2 prizes - A Stellar Fitness voucher for the most amount of healthy lifestyle points earnt, and another voucher for the greatest % of bodyweight lost.

REGISTRATION FEE: $40 per person


Common Challenge Questions:

Here are the answers to some of the more common questions (& APPLY TO ALL CATEGORIES):

How many Weigh-ins are there?                                                                                                      

The Challenge itself runs for 8 weeks duration, and there are 8 weigh-ins in total.  Once you have attended the initial weigh-in, you will receive your pdf book which contains all of the information that you need for the challenge.

At the initial weigh-in, I will get to meet you all personally and answer any questions that you may have. There is a Circuit class that commences at  6:30pm, which  you are welcome to join, please note that there is an additional cost for the classes. (see pricing page or Circuit classes page for more information). 

After that, there is weigh-ins at the same time every week. These are not compulsory to attend, but I do recommend that you try and attend  as many as you can. The winner of each weekly weigh-in (based on the greatest % of weight lost) will win a $10 Stellar Fitness merchandise voucher to spend. 

The initial and final weigh-ins ARE compulsory to be eligible for the prizes.

 How much does this cost?                                                                                                               

 The cost is a single payment of $40  to register for the Challenge. 

  Are there any additional costs?

 To participate in the challenge, and receive all the tools offered, a minimum attendance of 1 CLASS PER WEEK is required (a class is $10).

 You will also get a lot of additional tools to help you work towards your goals, such as motivational texts for the duration of the challenge, weekly emails that have tasks for you to complete to help you make healthy lifestyle changes.

 Do I have to use your programme?                                                                                                   

I support all HEALTHY weight loss programmes, but for this challenge I have designed a healthy eating guide that is suitable for the whole family to follow and it has had amazing results from previous challenge contestants. If you are wanting a more specific structured eating plan, for an additional cost I can design a personalised programme for you for successful safe and healthy weight loss designed to keep your weight off forever!

 I don't have much to lose - Can I still Win?                                                                                                        

The Winners are the people who lose the biggest Percentage of Weight Loss during the Challenge. This means that the contest is fair for men & women regardless of your starting weight. There is also a prize for the most amount of healthy lifestyle points earnt throughout the  challenges, which is great if you're just wanting to maintain your weight and practise healthy habits.

 Is my progress Private?                                                                                                                           

Of course it is! I am not in the business of humiliating people. The weekly Weigh-ins and optional measurements are confidential to the Challenge contestants  and myself, your Personal Trainer.  I do send out an email every week to the group with the percentage of weight lost results, as this positive reinforcement is great motivation for everybody, but I use first initials only and do not mention actual kilos lost. (depending on your start weight, you can lose a small amount of weight, but it can read as a high %, and vice-versa).

 What happens if I miss a Weigh-in?                                                                                                                           

The weekly weigh-ins are not compulsory; the only ones you must attend are the initial and end weigh-ins to be in the running for the cash prizes. However, I cannot emphasise how important it is to attend as many as you can to keep you accountable and on track. You are more  likely to stay on track – or get back on track if needed, by checking in on a regular basis. 

 I have more questions - How do I get them answered?                                                                    

 You can send me a message directly through my ‘contact’ page, and I will contact you within 24 hours. I can answer any further questions you might have. Once you have registered, you will receive an email from me with more details regarding the challenge.

 Can I invite my friends along?                                                                                                

 Absolutely! I encourage you to bring friends along to join the Challenge and attend any classes with you (all of the classes are also open to men, please see group classes pages). This will be even more motivating and fun for you and your fat loss!

 Do I Have to Attend the Stellar Fitness Classes offered on the website?                 

I have found in previous challenges that the participants that came to my classes regularly had a higher success rate in their fat loss, and maintaining their goal weight. The only criteria for this challenge is that you must attend at least 1 CLASS EVERY WEEK.  

 I offer a variety of classes, including early morning, daytime, evening, and weekend classes, and different types of classes such as Circuit, fortnightly Boxing (an interactive boxing class), Tabata (a high-intensity interval training class), Static Fitness (a bodyweight-only class that combines different tracks from all of the classes, as well as several tracks that focus on strengtnening and toning your legs and butt), this rotates with a Box Circuit class (a combination of the interactive Boxing and Circuit classes), and Fight-fit (a shadow-boxing cardio class). These classes cater to all fitness levels so there is something that will suit everyone – whether you’re new to exercise, a new mum, recovering from injury, or looking to increase or change up your current exercise routine. 

Please make sure before registering for the challenge that you are able to attend at least 1 class every 7 days. You will increase your weight loss results with regular exercise. The pdf book includes information on what the different types of exercise are (e.g low-intensity vs. high-intensity). If you are going away during the course of the challenge, you will need to let me know the dates, and the date of the class that you will resume the week you get back, to remain in the challenge.

What if I Become Injured or sick?

In terms of injuries, all of my classes can be modified to suit individual needs, so you will be able to attend a class still. If you become sick, you'll need to let me know...and we'll decide whether or not you should exercise still, or rest.  :) In the event that you are unable to make a weekly class, you will need to attend an additional class the following week to make it up.                                                                                                PLEASE NOTE: If you don't attend a weekly class, the weigh-in for that week won't be offical, it'll just be for your accountability.

 Can I Still Attend the Classes if I'm No Longer in the Challenge?                                                     

Of course!! If you end up dropping out of the challenge at any stage you are more than welcome to still to continue coming to any of the classes that I offer…you will just no longer continue to receive the additional services that I provide for the challenge.






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