Challenge Registration Form

Hi there,

You've read about the up-coming 12-week Transformation challenge, and are wanting to join - fantastic!!

The registrations are open from 9AM MONDAY, 13TH AUGUST - 6PM, FRIDAY, 31 AUGUST, 2018.

You can register for the challenge here. In doing so, you will be acknowledging the details and accepting the rules for the challenge below:

The INITIAL WEIGH-IN is on Monday, 3RD SEPTEMBER, from 5:45-6:25pm

The FINAL WEIGH-IN is on  Monday, 26TH NOVEMBER, 5:45-6:25pm.

**if work prevents you from weighing in at these times, please contact me first before registering. :)

The REGISTRATION FEE is $40, to be paid in advance to secure your spot. 

The CRITERIA TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CHALLENGE is a minimum attendance of 1 class a week, at a cost of $10 per class.  (check out the classes timetable if unsure of times). There are weekly weigh-ins on Monday nights before the Circuit class, which aren't compulsory to attend.

You understand the 3-STRIKE SYSTEM: If you are unable to attend the minimum of 1 weekly class, you will get 2 passes/strikes. You will be unable to attend the weigh-in/receive daily texts/submit worksheet points for that week, but will still remain in the challenge and will resume all of the above once you have attended a class the following week. Once there has been 2 weeks of the minimum attendance of classes missed, you will no longer be in the challenge. If you are away, you must let me know the dates, along with the date of the class that you will be unattending upon your return.

If you have any queries regarding the challenge, please email me before registering.

If you're happy to proceed with your payment to secure your spot, once you have registered, you'll receive an email from me with my bank account details. Please let me know as soon as you have made payment, as these challenges fill up fast, and I can't hold any unpaid spots open once it is full.

 If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Kat  :)

"Where Fat Is Burned & Pride Is Earned"