Perhaps you’ve heard me even before you’ve met me.  That’s me – laughing and chatting before class starts and calling Kat a “MEANIE” while working out.

I’m Lizza.  I officially joined the Stellar Fitness family some time in 2014, with the Spring into Summer Challenge being my first taste of this opium.  Yes, Kat’s classes have become my addiction.  I seem to yearn for them despite knowing that I would suffer in the process, feel euphoric with the thought of being healthy and end up being in pain when the euphoria wanes.  Almost two years later, I still go through the same cycle every week although the pain is now more tolerable and the euphoria lasts a bit longer.  In fact, one of my twin daughters, who is recovering from knee surgery, now does a strengthening programme with Kat and attends Tabata classes to get back in shape.

Maintaining healthy habits can be a bit challenging for someone like me who has 5 active children [21, 19, 16,16, and 9], a loving husband, a full time job, and a handful of volunteer work. Making the decision to be part of the Stellar Fitness Group allowed me to develop and keep them. 

Committing to healthy living has become easier because of Kat’s constant encouragement and the group’s support.  Seldom can one find a bunch of extra ordinary women who ‘keep it real’ with their struggles and push each other to do that one extra squat or hold that plank for one more second. I especially am thankful to have met my fitness buddy who continue to inspire me with her will and discipline. It is never a competition in Kat’s classes.  It is always a group effort.   There are so many lovely women who come from all walks of life and have great stories to tell. And I think one of the best things in these classes is that there is no judgment passed – most likely because we’re usually just trying to survive the circuit we’re in!

Our family believes that anything is achievable if we put our minds and hearts into it.  Our bodies may give in but if our minds remain strong then, more often than not, we succeed in the end.  I have joined most of the challenges although I have not won any.  But I never considered myself a loser, because the fact that I dropped a kilo or two, or I chose to eat a banana over a chocolate bar is a win for me.

Thanks Kat for all your all your wonderful work!  May you and your family be blessed as you are a blessing to many.

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