Hi there, my name is Nicki


I’m a newbie to Stellar Fitness, and only joined up 12 weeks ago after my bestie talked me and another friend into signing up for the 12 week challenge.


Getting healthy again has been long overdue for me, and this challenge has been just what I needed to kick start my healthy journey.   I’d been feeling very depressed about my considerable weight gains and have tried many quick remedy diets etc to try to lose the kilos, but just couldn’t stick at anything and it always piled back on, or I gave up!


After being very fit for most of my life, it was hard and embarrassing to get started with the group fitness classes, but I’ve felt very supported by Kat, my friends, and everyone in the classes so have stuck at them.  It was a bit of a slow start on the challenge for me, but after seeing some kilos drop off I increased my exercise sessions by attending Kat’s classes, finding the gym again, and started a skate fit class which I love (this balances out the things I don’t love like press-ups and burpees!) 


I’ve been very strict with my food intake, as for me no matter how much exercise I do if I don’t cut the sugar and big carb meals out, then I won’t lose weight. It was a bit of a shock to the system initially to not have my daily chocolate treat(s), but Kat’s daily encouraging texts helped me to restrain myself and  other than the odd moment when I think I really need or deserve it, I don’t miss it much and I’ve managed to convince myself that losing weight is more important than giving in to my sweet tooth!


I came 2nd place in the challenge, and I’ve met most of my goals. I now get more sleep each night, exercise regularly, don’t watch as much TV, my average resting heart rate has dropped from 75 to 62, and most importantly for me I met my weight loss goal for this challenge and managed to lose 22 cms from my waist…boom! Oh and I managed to fit back into my goal jeans which I had hung over the door in my bedroom as one of my daily motivations.


I’m only half way to my overall weight loss goal so have signed up for the Dec/Jan 8 week challenge to keep the good momentum going and to stay on track.


Thanks for all your support Kat, you’ve created a really  friendly and welcoming atmosphere in your group classes, I’m loving them!

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