Hi, we're Robin and John.

What got us started...

Over the years we have generally been active. Robin with volleyball, dancing, going to pilates, walking, and gardening, and John with dancing, aerobics and gardening as well.  But as workloads ramped up, the fitness routines were quietly beginning to drop.  At that stage Kat had began her Circuit and BodySync classes at Robin’s work.

Robin signed up mid 2013, and with regular classes began to gain upper body strength, and general fitness. Robin would go home at night and show-off to John what Kat had subjected the class too 😊.  Come autumn that year, John’s work was also offering a weight loss programme, so diet changes and fitness were being ramped back up in the Randall household.

In that summer Kat introduced her outdoor Tabata season, where you could bring along a male partner/friend.  So John started his journey with Stellar Fitness as well, initially with the Saturday classes.

At the end of summer we continued with the Saturday classes and then added Wednesday mornings.       So for 3½ years we have found that going to twice a week Tabata has been really  beneficial for keeping our fitness levels up.  

This has been really apparent when going to rock and roll, taking long walks or joining in as part of the Stellar Fitness team in this year's Gully Gutbuster walk. 

We have found that it has also helped focus at work. We have also enjoyed the occasional BodySync class on a Friday whenever we have taken this day off work.

We enjoy coming to Kat's classes as a couple because we keep each other motivated...especially on those cold wet winter mornings when it would be so easy to curl up and read a book.

We also enjoy the social side of the classes and getting to know others in the community that share a goal of keeping fit, and take comfort when others are also on auto-pilot in the mornings (especially Wednesday’s).  

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