This is a great challenge if you want something to help keep you motivated to exercise over winter, or to increase your fitness levels. 

At this time of the year it’s easy to drift into hibernation mode and let summer’s good habits fall by the wayside. I’m here to help you head into winter fighting fit with my 8-week challenge. There are several tools offered for you to use, none of which are compulsory. 

They include:

  •  A booklet that has worksheets in it to fill out over the duration of the challenge. Each sheet has a table, containing all the different aspects of a healthy lifestyle (for example, having no sugar, no alcohol, eating green veggies, doing 30 minutes of exercise, drinking water, completing your weekly exercise task, etc), and each of these has a different point value. At the end of each day you add in the points for each healthy habit that you managed to do, and will text me the total points for the week.

  • There is a 'testing' exercise at the beginning of the challenge (this commences prior to my Monday circuit class), which I will time you doing (it won't take any more than 2-3 minutes). You will repeat the exercise at the end of the 8 weeks, to compare results. Lower impact options are given, so all fitness levels are able to do it.

  • Each week, I send out an exercise task that increases over the 8 weeks. This is designed to help increase your fitness levels, if that is what you are aiming for..it's also a great little workout that you can do at home if you can't get out the house to exercise.  :)

  •  While there is not an eating plan included in this challenge, if you complete all of the tasks daily you will be eating healthy and increasing your weekly exercise sessions, which is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, year-round. 

  • If weight loss or maintenence is a goal, then there is the option of weighing in..at the start of the challenge, at the halfway point, and at the end of the challenge. Any points earnt will also go towards your overall total.

The cash prize for this challenge will be earnt through the points system. Along with the weekly points that you are able to earn through the booklet sheets, you will be able to earn points for any weight lost, and also the time improved in the fitness test, which will go towards your overall total. 

CRITERIA: There is a fortnightly attendance requirement, of a minimum of 1 class attended every 2 weeks. In regards to the fitness test, there are options offered for people that have injuries. When performing the initial testing exercise, you must do it as fast as you can...anyone deliberately doing it slowly will be disqualified. 

WEIGH-IN AND INITIAL TESTING: 5:45-6:25PM, Monday, 15 June - Newlands Primary School hall.

RE-TESTING: 5:45-6:25PM, Monday, 10 August, 2020

PRIZE-GIVING: 6:25PM, Monday, 17 August, 2020



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