Hi my name is Nici.
 In Febuary 2013 I was introduced to Kat through her 12 week weight-loss challenge.  Having struggled with my weight and fitness forever, I was nervous but willing to give anything a honest go.  From the moment I started Kat's Circuit classes I was welcomed to a amazing group of people who were genuienly supportive and didn't make me feel out of place.  In that first year my fitness improved dramatically - more than the 18 months before that I had been going to a gym and working with a personal trainer.  More importantly though my confidence soared and fitness became a regular part of my life. 
Over christmas 2013 Kat opened her classes to men and I convinced my hubby Scott to join me at a session.  Like me, Scott thoroughly enjoyed the experience and in a very short amount of time saw amazing improvements in his fitness, strength and flexibility.  Having struggled to exercise due to a knee injury, Kat was amazing at encouraging and supporting him to tailor his workouts around his injury. 
9 months on, Scott is fitter, more confident and no longer lets his knee control his ability to exercise.
Other than the obvious physical benefits of joining Kat's classes, exercising together, meeting great people and have a good laugh at the same time has been a life saver!  The fact that we can have a bit of fun (and healthly competition) while exercising and doing that all together as a couple has made something that doesn't come naturally to us, surprisingly easy and enjoyable. 
We have tried various different gyms, diets and fitness regimes over the years but we have never truly enjoyed them and always gave them up.  With the informal, social and fun environment that Kat has created, going to classes 3 times a week has become part of our life and one that we won't be giving up!  Who needs date nights when you can have date tabata sessions?
We are both extremely appreciative for all of Kat's support.  She has the most amazing ability to make everyone feel welcome, keep exercise exciting, push you to improve and provide extra bits of individual support and advice.
No matter your level of fitness, weight or abilities, we would encourage you to give Kat's classes a go.  Bring your other half along with you and do it together, its a worthwhile time investment on tonnes of levels!

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