Hi, my name is Jo.

On a cold wintery morning this year, having done the usual zig zag in New World Newlands, I happened upon some colourful flyers piled neatly at their foyer info board and here began my Stellar fitness journey!

In September 2013 I started my own company which enables me to work from home, thus my old work & fitness routine was gone and I spent the next 12 months working, sitting, working, blobbing and working. I knew the total lack of exercise was not good, my weight was slowly gaining & health issues were getting worse. I needed to find some kind of exercise class which was local, affordable & met with my previous experiences of quality exercise and Stellar Fitness looked to fill those criteria.

As a rule I am not very self motivated when it comes to exercise, but if I have to physically book into a class and have someone help & direct me then this is all I need, also to exercise in the morning & 'get it out of the way', as come the evening I totally can't be bothered! Finding and knowing your own exercise enjoyment/motivation is important I think.

I started with the Friday BodySync class as I have sciatic pain, I wanted a more gentle introduction back into fitness. Body Sync has taught me a lot about my body, where those tight & complaining muscles are & Kat has guided me through at every step. When Kat mentioned she was starting the next 12 week weight loss challenge I thought it would be a perfect next step to up the exercise, try some new classes & at the same time get my eating back on track.

So in the past 7 weeks I have upped the exercise to 3 sessions a week, Tabata, Fight Fit and BodySync. I was very nervous/cautious at my first Tabata, I guess I was frightened that I might cause myself more pain or that my body wasn't ready BUT super star Kat looked after me, paired me up with lovely ladies who are of a similar fitness level. I'm thoroughly enjoying exercise now, confident that I can push myself and that I must push myself to make my fitness and weight loss goals happen.

The weight loss challenge has taught me a heap more about healthy eating and to boot it's fun to do the same thing at the same time with heaps of other people. Kat has provided me with all the tools for a healthy lifestyle, it's easy, all I have to do is learn and implement them! I know that for me a healthy lifestyle is for LIFE and it HAS to include exercise and Kat makes it easy and fun.

Today I'm on target to meet my weight loss goal, yesterday I was able to wear a pair of jeans that have been tucked away for over 9 months. I feel stronger and I'm able to manage the sciatic pain, perhaps I'll kick that to the curb soon.

Happy healthy lifestyles everyone! Kat you are a star :0)

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