Hi, my name is Megan.

I have always been fit and active; over the years, I have trained for and competed in numerous endurance events - the Wellington, Tauranga, Taupo 1/2 Marathons, the New York Marathon, Port of Tauranga 1/2 Ironman, 4km Round the Mount Swim (twice!), Round Taupo Cycle race, Tinman Triathalon (twice), Marra Sprint triathalon, Okororie 70km Bike ride (x2), plus numerous other swimming events, which involved hours of training and required tons of mental focus and dedication.

We moved down to Wellington last year and I joined up at a local gym. What luck I had when one day I did a Google search for a coach. I wanted to learn how to train using weights as it is something that I hadn't previously tried. Katrina was the first trainer to pop up. It took me all my courage (and a bit of persuasion from hubby) to contact her, but I did. I made an appointment for our first session, and the rest is history....

Over the last year I have learnt how to train safely with weights, and have made amazing improvements in my strength. I have gone from not being able to bench press 15kg to now being able to bench press 40kg! When I started training, I could squat with a 10kg bar once, now I squat 75kg for numerous reps. I have lost a few kilos, but most importantly my body composition has (and is) changing from fat to muscle. As I start to get used to new programmes Katrina goes and changes it up to keep things fresh.

Katrina always encourages me to push harder and go further, and doesn't seem to get dissuaded when I ask if she is sure I should be working this hard....

I thoroughly enjoy training, look forward to going to the gym most days of the week, and have even created a facebook page (Project Physique) to document my fitness journey. I  love attending the Saturday Tabata classes each week (even though I live on the other side of Wellington). I have made some new friends in class, and have encouraged one of my work colleagues to join the Tabata classes too, and also my daughter, who has recently come back from living overseas.  I cannot believe the person I have turned into. My old life was a life very different to this!

I am now training for my next competitive event, a bodybuilding show next year, competing in the physique category.

If you want a passionate and enthusiastic coach who pushes you to achieve better than you ever expected, then Kat is the coach for you!      


So, thank you, Kat, for putting up with me, teaching me that I CAN do something, even when I'm not sure I can, for being resilient and mostly for pushing me.


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