Sometimes I feel like I should be at the type of meeting where you proclaim “Hello my name is Nicky and I am emotional eater”. That would be any type of emotion of course!


Since teenage years, my weight has always been an issue. Dieting and exercise commenced I would duly lose the weight and then get to the point where I would think “great, I’m here now I can eat what I want”! Sound familiar? This has been the case until December 2013 when I decided enough was enough and I would have to get this eating malarkey in hand. It is true I can diet like the best of them but my biggest downfall is getting bored with exercise.  The equation which I used to make is - Time thinking about going to the gym + the time taken to get to the gym = being thoroughly hacked off with the idea of the gym before I even get there. The other down side is the isolation when you are working out at the gym…urgh.


After emigrating to NZ from the UK in June 2012 with no social network or support, the eating started with a vengeance leaving me at the top end of heavy. I employed the tricks – the ones where you dress in shapeless clothes, buy anything that is in your size (probably about a 20 then), not because you like it, but because it fits! I was unhappy, knew what I had to do but quite frankly needed the mental kick up the bum to get it sorted once and for all. Christmas Day 2013 I decided enough was enough and slowly set off on my journey to get the 30+ kgs off that was literally weighing me down.


So I slowly set off on my journey, ashamed to be seen in public in anything resembling lycra. Running on my treadmill in my garage only got me so far so in April  2014 I decided to take the plunge and see what was out there community class wise. That is when I found Kat and Stellar Fitness! I still remember going to that first class of Tabata, frightened to death, not knowing anyone, thinking that I would be surrounded by the gym bunnies (full hair, make-up, top of the range lycra). What I got was a lovely group of lasses who were all in a similar situation to me and who also worked out in whatever was comfortable. In addition, Kat was so welcoming and lovely. She made me feel right at home. Even now I am astounded that she remembers everyone’s name. The first class will also stay imprinted in my memory for other reasons as well. Having given it my all (failings of having a competitive streak), I could barely move for the next 5 days. I even went as far as breaking out the ibuprofen. Pathetic, I know!


Since then I had dipped my toe in other classes – circuit, boxing and fight fit. Kat and the Stellar lasses are my constant now. The exercise content of all the classes which changes constantly keeps the boredom at bay – you just never know what you are  going to get (there are still collective groans over anything that involves tuck jumps however…). This is a real credit to Kat who keeps it interesting and challenging and unless you come out of one of her classes barely able to wash your own hair in the shower (think T-Rex here), then something isn’t right! My bingo wings are but just a distant memory J.


The other thing that keeps me going to class is the timings of the classes. As a busy working fulltime mother of 2, the exercise has to fit around my already existing commitments. On this count, Kat and the Stellar Fitness classes have been fabulous.


Even after losing weight (and battling to keep it off) I know that I owe it to myself to get to class. (My profile pic is me 30+kgs lighter, in Rarotonga, where I dared to bare in a bikini!)

I have made some great friends there and it is great to catch up with everyone after classes. I know from past experience if I hadn’t signed up to Kat’s classes I would have hit the boredom plateau. I now have a great group of friends who I rely on to push me (remember that competitive streak…). Whatever happens next in my life, I know I can continue to manage my weight with the help of Kat and the Stellar lasses and that is worth it’s weight in GOLD!

**Here is me at my 30+kg heaviest - notice the attempt at clothing camouflage.

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