Hi, my name’s Rachel.  I’ve only been coming to Kat’s classes for the last 4 months but I’m completely hooked already.

My sister (Fiona) convinced me to join the weight loss challenge which I eventually agreed to while thinking to myself that it couldn’t hurt and I might lose a few kgs.  I ended up losing 13kg and winning the challenge, much to my surprise (and delight)!!

I’d always been pretty sporty and reasonably fit, but then I decided to move to Ireland and ended up spending several years there sitting in too many pubs and basically being really lazy!  I lost all my fitness and piled on the weight - I did have an amazing time and found a lovely irishman to marry while I was there though :-)

In the time I’ve been back home, I’ve made several half-hearted attempts to lose weight and get fit, I managed to lose a few kgs here and there but nothing significant until this weight loss challenge.  I found the eating plan worked really well for me and the circuit classes are great and a really supportive and fun way to work out.

Two of my main loves have always been snowboarding and downhill mountain biking, but these have caused me several injuries which have been coming back to haunt me recently!  Kat has been awesome at giving me different options throughout the classes to make sure I don’t aggravate these injuries and just the way she remembers everyone’s individual needs is amazing!

I’m really looking forward to starting the fitness challenge next week with the goal of losing a few more kgs and working hard on increasing my fitness level.

Thanks Kat for always being so positive and encouraging!!

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