Hi, my name is Jody.
In February of this year my friend Jenny and I decided at the last minute to enter the 2016 1/4 Iron Maori. The event is being held in November. It was a last minute decision with the registration opening the next morning. The same night we made that decision I was reading Hannah's school newsletter and saw an advert for Stellar Fitness in the Community Section.

I googled the web site and saw the 12 week weight loss challenge registration was closing that night and there were only 5 places left. So I registered very quickly figuring that losing some weight and getting into a regular fitness routine would be a great first step on my journey to the big race. I had previously completed the race in 2014 and knew where my fitness level needed to be by November if I was going enjoy competing in the race without doing myself some serious injury because of lack of fitness/training.

Iron Maori is such a popular event that if you don't register within minutes of the online registration opening then you miss out. So at 7:30am the next morning my friend and I were frantic on multiple iPads and laptops trying to register......and we managed to get in! So not only was I doing the race, but I had a plan of attack for weight loss and fitness.

I loved the 12 week challenge, the goals, the food guides, the classes, meeting new people and sharing stories.  As a 'slightly competitive' person the challenge to keep dropping weight each week kept me going and my friends noticed the changes especially in my face.   The challenge also allowed me to include the needed swimming, biking and running training.

At the end of the 12 weeks I was thrilled to have come second place having lost nearly 10kgs, and achieved a base fitness level so that I could move into my next phase of swim/bike/run training.

And to keep my fitness momentum going I am 5 weeks into the 8 week fitness challenge and have started doing swim/bike and bike/run training. Soon I will be doing mini triathlons gearing up for my 'big race' .... 1k sea swim, 45 kms bike ride, 10 kms run.

Thanks to Kat (and all the other ladies) for providing such a supportive, energetic atmosphere that makes hard work enjoyable.

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