Hi, my name is Nadine.

My Stellar Fitness journey started around 2 years ago.  Before I had kids my weight and health in general was never an issue.  I mountain biked (heaps!) and snowboarded in winter, plus my job was quite physically demanding.  

When I had my daughter almost 8 years ago, the weight just piled on. I was reasonably active (I pushed the buggy around hilly Newlands) but my bad eating habits were my downfall.  Following the birth of my second baby in early 2011, I made all sorts of grand plans to lose weight, eat better etc etc.  I got my husband to fix our rowing machine - then used it twice.  I even came up with a home exercise plan - which lasted all of about 2 weeks.  

Around the middle of 2014 my friend Claire suggested I give the Stellar circuit class a go.  After another couple of months of struggling to exercise by myself at home, I gave in to Claire’s gentle nagging and went along to my first class.  I loved it and I’ve never looked back.  I try and do 3 classes a week, which in tandem with (reasonably) healthy eating habits, I am managing to maintain my weight and fit my clothes.


I’m also looking forward to getting my black Elite band!


Pic on the left - Before

With my 2nd child Lachlan in September 2011.  Pretty much at my heaviest.

Pic on the right - After

On holiday in the States in January 2016.  Halfway through our holiday so healthy eating and portion size out the window, but still fitting my clothes thanks to all the pre-holiday extra classes and clean eating!


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