Kia Ora

My name is Rachel.

My main focus for joining Stellar Fitness was to save my life – 10 years ago, I got a wake-up call after a doctor check-up.  My blood pressure was the highest my doctor had ever seen, I was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, on the verge of a stroke / heart attack at any second, not only that I had other issues at the time - anxiety attacks, overweight, stressed etc.  My diet at the time was atrocious; I exercised but not enough to cover the amount of bad food I ate; I was always catching bugs, flu’s - anything that went around I caught it; I was lazy, always tired and never had energy.  I never told people about my health issues, I didn't want to worry or bore people with my problems, so I kept it to myself and just dealt with it. 

After that doctor’s appointment 10 years ago, I knew it was time to change my lifestyle, I had a wonderful supportive partner and a beautiful newborn son, and I didn't want to leave them. 

So from then my focus was on my whanau and our future, I wanted to be there for them, I wanted to see my son grow up, I wanted to see all the cool milestones with them, I wanted to take them to amazing places around the world, I wanted to be at my son’s 21st birthday, I wanted to be the best mother-in law to the love of my son’s life, I wanted to be an amazing grandmother to my son’s children.  After that doctor’s appointment my life changed, my son and my partner were now my main focus for getting my health and fitness back.

Since that day, I have been totally focussed on living a healthy lifestyle.  I managed to get the bulk of my weight down (which was a long struggle), my blood pressure was still high, but getting better, so I felt I needed a bit more help, so two years ago I joined Kat's 12 week challenge after reading about it in my son's school newsletter. This photo was taken after my very first 12 week challenge with Kat - I came 4th.  The smile says it all because I had not been back at that weight in over 20 years!

Two years on my blood pressure is close to normal, the best I have seen it - I'm out of the death/stroke/heart attack zone, I’m at a weight that I actually never thought I would ever get back to, I have loads of energy, I don’t get stressed out or have anxiety attacks anymore, I’m so much more relaxed and I feel great. 

There is one thing I have learnt from Kat – and that is “A healthy lifestyle is for Life – it’s ongoing and there is no end date”.  Just because I have achieved all my goals and more, and my health is better than 10 years ago, it doesn’t mean I should stop because I got there.  If I stop, I will end up where I started and that frightens me. 

 So, I will always keep an eye on my health, fitness and nutrition! Especially if I want to see my son grow and be there for him in the future! 

So thank you Kat and the Stellar Fitness whanau for practically saving my life! And a special shout-out to my Saturday Tabata sisters in crime – Jenny, Sareta, Saph and Tarshie!  Love you guys!!

Nga mihi



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