Kia ora Koutou,

My name is Roni Taikato I have 2 beautiful children - Che and Eire, and I started attending Kat’s classes at the beginning of 2014, after having my daughter in December 2013.

I have always been the ‘Big’ girl within my whanau and friendship circles and my negative views of my self-esteem and body-image have been around for a very long time.

Having Eire prompted a massive change within my own thoughts and feelings of my body and I decided to actively and ‘actually’ do something about it. I didn’t wanna join a gym because my self-motivation is very limited (lol!) so I googled fitness classes within Johnsonville/Newlands and up popped Stellar Fitness Solutions.

After many emails with Kat, I finally attended my first class. I nearly died and couldn’t sit or get up properly for a week! But I knew I had found something that was gonna work for the changes I wanted to see happen for my body, self-esteem and image. I went on to do my first weight loss challenge and found a weight and look that I was proud of and life was good!

Fast forward to 2017 my beautiful Eire will be 4 in December and major changes occurred within my whanau life this year.  The changes were and continue to be challenging, and I realise I really have no control over them, what will be, will be!

I can however change how I feel about me! I have been experiencing those ugly self-doubt thoughts about myself and my weight presently because I don’t feel confident with my image, weight or self!

I have signed up to do the weight loss challenge again, and have my goal set and my mind right and I know I can achieve it because I’ve done it before. We all have moments where we hit obstacles and even go backwards, and I don’t just mean with our weight!

When you find the things that work for you, keep going with it! I am so glad I stalked fitness groups in the area and found Kat and the Stellar Fitness community.

Kat provides motivation, challenge and the skills to get results if you REALLY want to change! The rest is up to you. State your goals, work hard and smash them!...that sounds slightly violent lol!

State your goals, work hard and you will achieve them 😊

Nga mihi



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