Hi, my name is Linda. 

Kat flicked me a text recently and asked if I would write something up for the Stellar Star of the Month and I thought, why would anyone want to hear about my journey with Stellar Fitness?  I’ve finished a few challenges with a certificate of participation, not finished some and not at my goal weight at all….. then I thought about it and decided that I wanted to come from a slightly different angle about my journey.

I joined the Stellar Fitness community in February 2014 after watching the impressive transformation of my good friend Juliet White.  Juliet and I worked together for a number of years and I used to drag her to indoor netball when I used to be fit and active.  It then ended up being her time to drag me along to some exercise.  She kept telling me about this amazing circuit class and the fact that after the first time she went, she couldn’t walk for days!  

I had gained a lot of weight after going through a rough patch being diagnosed with bowel cancer.  During this journey I did lose quite a bit of weight (you get that when you eat ice and broth for days on end) and just wanted to stay that size.  After re-introducing foods into my diet, I began gaining more and more weight.  I’m not proud of this in the least but the fact I was in remission was for most on my mind, I guess.

I went to my first class and was amazed to see so many people I knew and some that I hadn’t seen for years!  Others that I didn’t know said “Hi” and Kat was just so friendly and welcoming.  I have always tried to maintain that approach to new people who join the class so they too, feel the great vibes from the Stellar Fitness group.

I was really pleased that I was able to get some of my friends who hadn’t exercised in a number years to come along and we are now regular attendees of Kat’s classes.  Who would have thought that we would be boxing every second Friday night instead of indulging!  Yes, we are the crazies that dress in theme for the anniversary parties and have been known to kick off on the dance floor!!  We even got up and did the warm up in a tent whilst camping in Rotorua!

What Kat has done for the community is amazing.  Not only for the incredible results her clients get with weight loss and fitness, but the support network she has created where you can just be who you are, in a safe and positive environment and for most people, get the desired results. 

I was so humbled, with not only Kat doing the warm up at the annual Paparangi School Gully Gutbuster this year, (that a couple of us from class organise) but to watch so many from the Stellar Fitness community support Paparangi school by coming and running the race.  (shhh, that’s my goal for next year, and I’m sticking to it)!  My other goal is to lose some kilos.  Kat gives you amazing tools  and advice to achieve this, and I have seen so many do so well during the few years I have been part of this amazing community… I just need to put this in practice myself!

Thanks for what you do Kat.  You make such a positive difference to so many peoples lives. 

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