Hi. I’m Fiona and I’m a busy mum of three girls.


My good friend Jo encouraged me to do a challenge back in 2014 and two weight loss challenges later I was happy to be back to the weight I was in my mid 20’s (pre-babies). I was back to running regularly and was doing Tabata twice a week - and most importantly feeling great!


Unfortunately I went through a rough patch a year ago and couldn’t find the head space for exercise or good food choices so most of the weight piled back on. I was devastated after all my hard work and really struggled to get out of my rut.


Jo said she was doing the weight loss challenge leading up to Christmas again but I was really nervous about coming back to Tabata and doing another challenge because I was a bit embarrassed at how I hadn’t maintained myself.                                                                           

I shouldn’t have worried as no one judges you at Stellar Fitness. 


Before the challenge I set a goal of fitting back into a favourite little black dress. I was lucky enough to win the challenge but I’m not quite ready for that dress - hopefully after doing the festive challenge I’ll rock it! 


I love that Kat now offers weight maintenance classes as I think I will be signing up for a few years to keep me on track.  


Thanks so much Kat for the effort you put in for all of us. Stellar Fitness is a wonderful nurturing environment that is life changing for so many of us. 





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