My name is Jane Bambery. I started attending Kat’s circuit classes after signing up for the transformation challenge in September 2017. I had tried weight watchers, personal PT sessions at both a chain gym and outside. I have found Kat and the ladies at the classes friendly and helpful.

Since September I have lost over 6kg and even maintained this over the recent Festive Challenge, what has helped me the most is being held accountable, having a regular face to face weigh in and by taking my measurements. Friends, family and workmates are starting notice the changes.

What has kept me coming back? It is the variety in Kat’s circuit classes, sometimes there are new exercises to try and I have found that I can now last longer on the holds and user the heavier weight options.

It was great to get some new tools in the challenge resources and reinforce some of what I knew before. I regularly go back and re read some of the items in there and also save and share articles on my Facebook page. When I’m between challenges I miss the banter and suggestions on the Facebook pages, and Kat’s the daily motivational text messages.

I recommend you come along to a circuit class to try it out, if you enjoy it keep coming along, you’ll make some new friends and gain some fitness. Thanks Kat for all your hard work, both in front of the classes and the behind the scenes stuff, your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

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