Hi, my name is Shona.

Some of my football mates started with Stellar Fitness when Kat first started, and I encouraged Mandy to go along. After a year of Mandy coming home and making me hold a squat or a wall slide for a minute, we got a babysitter sorted out and I started coming along, I loved it and never looked back.

I managed to convince more of my school mates to join up, and now we have regular slots at boxing and encourage each other along.

When we go away camping we often take the boxing gloves and pads and do some exercises – or a song will come on that Kat uses in class and we all get up and rock out some warm up routine. 
A highlight would be coming along to Kat’s class while pregnant with William – I had worked so hard to get my weight down and then we decided to try for baby number two. So throughout pregnancy I came along to classes.

At 40 weeks and post-midwife visit, I was 3cm dilated and waiting for labour to kick off so we went to Thursday circuit class - with some extra towels. I did the circuit – sometimes getting stuck in some positions and Mandy having to help me off the floor.

I got through the class and William stayed firmly put until Sunday afternoon and then made a somewhat speedy arrival – thanks in part to me being fit (at least that’s what I tell myself). I’m thankful to Kat for encouraging and supporting me with my fitness workouts throughout my pregnancy as this helped me get back to pre-pregnancy weight within a few months. (That was nearly four years ago and it has somehow crept back on). 

I like the Boxing classes the best and Kat’s classes have definitely helped in my overall fitness and my football has got better, with less time worrying about fitness and more time to think about the game.

I reckon I’d be a force to be reckoned with if someone tried to take me on with all my professional Boxing moves now. I never thought I’d go to Wednesday Tabata but have been for the last 6 weeks now and can really feel it making a difference. 

It’s been good having Mandy and I both go along to class and do the challenges together as we can keep each other motivated and on track – we also tend to both fall off the wagon together as well but we’re finally getting it sorted out. It’s a great bunch of people.

I enjoy going along, having a laugh and getting fitter and stronger at the same time. 

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