Hi my name is Tracey,

My Stellar fitness journey stared in 2016. It was recommend by my friend Jo to try out a weight loss challenge and circuit training.I had been seeing her progress and was inspired by her journey.

I can’t say I wasn’t daunted about signing up, I felt very self-conscious about how much weight I had gained after my pregnancy. In the past I had always been a plus size model and always battled with losing weight and keeping it off. After my daughter was born I had fallen into some really bad habits. I didn’t feel confident going to the gym (although I continued to pay them a weekly donation) and was at a real loss of what to do. I needed something that could guide me with a eating plan, make me accountable with weigh-ins and the most important thing, teach me how to re-engage in fitness.

Signing up to my first weight loss challenge was the best thing I could have ever done, it changed my life!  Not only did I lose 14kgs in weight, but for the first time in many years I was healthy and fit and living a much better lifestyle.

Fast forward 2 years and another gorgeous daughter later, I have just completed my second weight loss transformation challenge, where I placed 3rd.

The first challenge had taught me so much. I wasn’t worried about the baby weight I had gained over the second pregnancy, I knew that I could use the skills that Kat had taught me to get back in control of my habits. Initally coming back to classes I could barely do a swing up, but over time attending regular classes I have felt myself getting stronger my body getting fitter again. 

The thing that I love about Stellar Fitness is how Kat has such a commitment to her Stellar Family. Coming back and joining classes it was like no time had passed at all.  There are so many likeminded people who attend the classes all going through their own fitness journeys.  Everyone is incredibly positive and supportive.

Kat has a unique business that has changed so many people’s lives over the years. I can’t thank you enough Kat for all of your guidance, encouragement and support,the passion you have for what you do is awesome. 

Roll on the next challenge and continuing on the healty lifestyle journey.


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