Kia Ora,

I joined the Stellar community earlier this year when I signed up for Kat’s Winter Transformation Challenge. I am so happy I did!
‘Losing weight’ was my initial motivation in joining the community, and while I did lose many kilograms and centimetres - managing to come 2nd place - the real measure if success has been all the things I have gained. 
I have gained support, motivation, encouragement and inspiration both from Kat and from all the amazing wāhine attending her classes and challenges and online forums. Thank you all! 

I have regained a sense of mindfulness around my eating.  Really thinking about giving my body the fuel it needs and actively choosing to eat the food I do has been important. For me, this includes sharing in the baking offered at a friends house or cooking favourite comfort foods, but then being able to balance that out making different choices throughout the rest of the day or week. 

My self worth has grown hugely in the last few months. Giving myself permission to prioritise my need to exercise and to invest time and money into myself has been so important and necessary for both my physical and mental health. As a widowed mum of two I have sometimes fallen into the trap of being a martyr and neglected to make myself a priority, even while knowing that the best thing I can do for our kids is to be the healthiest me possible. 

Fitting the exercise into my daily and weekly life has been my biggest achievement and the one I am most proud of. It’s is so refreshing to once again feel those post workout endorphins, to feel my body gaining strength, and to have so much more energy to keep up physically with my children.  I have also learned how satisfying it is to throw punches in the Boxing class and hear and feel it connect with the pads!  I am so looking forward to starting Kat’s fitness challenge. 
I took this photo half way through an early morning run last weekend. So grateful to have the fitness required to enjoy running again!

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