My name is Anne Jonathan.  I joined Stellar Fitness in September 2015 and started my first Transformation challenge.

I was already doing quite a bit of cardio at the gym but what I needed in my fitness was a more defined balance between cardio and strengthening.  I felt more comfortable doing a Circuit class with Kat and the Stellar crew than anywhere else.

Also at this time, Spencer was a kidney recipient that year and was previously on dialysis.  At the time I felt I needed to be the fitter and healthier parent for our children while we went through our first year with “Sidney the kidney”.

I had already told myself that I would lose a lot of kilograms and get back to “how I used to be” in my first Transformation challenge. What I needed was to be honest with myself and realistic about my expectations.

I enjoy coming along to the Circuit classes and have recently started Tabata – which I find challenging but satisfying at the same time. You might not all agree.

I’ve always finished a Challenge and have always thought to myself afterwards “I did it”.

Thank you, Kat for helping me to achieve my goals.  


Kia ora

Spencer Jonathan tōku ingoa

As my wife Anne mentioned I was on dialysis due to chronic kidney disease. I’ve always tried looking after myself, and being active in things I do with my whanau and friends but, kidney failure was inevitable.

In 2015 I was very fortunate to receive a kidney from a donor for which I am truly grateful. January this year, I decided to get back into feeling good by way of healthy eating and exercise.

I then started working out at the gym instead of giving donations lol, later Anne introduced me to Kat and her Tabata classes - OMG I was buggered after every class for a month.

What I love about Kat's Stellar Fitness is that it’s a community of everyday people who all have a common goal, but also gaining the knowledge about ourselves, and the continuing inspirational support from Kat and the Stellar Fitness community.

I am now into my third Challenge with a commitment to the classes and reaping the rewards of feeling awesome.

Ngā mihi Kat@Stellar Fitness


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