Hello my name is Sera. 

I have been with Stellar Fitness since June 2018. 

I have always been one of those “start again Monday" people.  I would try really hard Monday and Tuesday - and by the latest Wednesday, I would have eaten something bad or not done some exercise so decided to just do nothing and eat what ever and start again Monday. This was becoming a vicious cycle that went on for years.

I also had SVT - a heart condition where my heart would just start going 200-260bpm at rest - and the year before I had my operation it was really bad; I had multiple trips in the ambulance to hospital to get my heart stopped and restarted again. It was seriously scary and I wasn’t allowed to do any exercise apart from walking for a year, which got me really depressed and I put on a lot of weight. 

After I had my heart operation in August 2017 and recovered and got the all clear, I decided now was my time - I joined the local gym and started going, but it didn’t take long for me to go back to old habits of throwing the towel in and giving up. It seems old habits are hard to get rid of!

After going to the gym half-heartedly for about 7 months, I felt like all was lost and I was just going to have to get used to my new big body and got quite depressed. 

I had noticed one of my friends at school losing a lot of weight every time I saw her pick up her son, and asked her what she was doing - she told me about Kat's Transformation Challenge, and I decided to join up and give it a go. Within a few weeks I was hooked!

The women at the classes were all so nice and motivating, and it was such a great vibe at the class - something you would never get from a gym.

Kat is so passionate and puts 110% into everything she does, and it definitely rubs off on you . I have met some amazing people and I always look foward to class to see the girls, and push myself that little bit harder.

I have broken the habit of throwing the towel in, as Kat has taught me some really useful tips; and I really hate it when I cannot attend a class. 

I can now run 5km - which I have never been able to do - and feel so much better about myself, and have a more positive outlook. 

I have never looked back and can’t wait to see what I can accomplish this year on my Fitness challenge. 

Thanks to Kat and all the amazing Stellar community, you have changed my life. 

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