Hi, my name is Indu and I have been in Newlands for many years. I had known about the Stellar Fitness classes for a while, but was always hesitant to join the fitness program. After participating in 2 challenges, I now wonder why I didn’t join the challenge earlier, and wasted a few years of my life.

I have found that being part of the challenge has uplift my physical and mental health. Not only have I found improvements in my physical health, but it has also raised my confidence levels, and today I have a sense of achievement.


I am thankful to my friend Renuka who pushed me to join the program and helped me during, and outside class. She always talked highly about Kat and her professional standards. It is more about finding the "right" coach and I am thankful to my friend for introducing me to Kat.


Kat is a friendly and hardworking person. I have found her very motivating and she knows how to keep you pushing and keep going. I liked her TXT "Your stomach doesn't know if food is free. So be careful with what you eat."

Her effort to send text messages every morning keeps me motivated. I like how Kat connects with every person. It's not easy to be a good trainer, so hats off to her!


My sole purpose of joining the program was a healthier lifestyle. It's hard to change lifetime habits (especially bad eating habits). I realize now that my daily intake was totally wrong by eating lot of bread/ carbs at dinner, not drinking enough water and the absence of protein in my diet. Being vegetarian and with Hypothyroid, I struggled with selection of healthy food and I finally have found a healthy and balanced diet.


Doing regular exercise and staying active is the most important ingredient to stay fit. Looking a year back - I would have never imagined  walking up Mt. Kaukau or spending weekends on walking tracks in Wellington. I realize now on how much one misses it if you haven't been to the walking/ cycling trails in this beautiful country. Eating a balanced diet and doing daily exercise is my biggest achievement and change of lifestyle.

I lost 7.44% of my bodyweight in my first challenge, and 6.4% in my second challenge. I am proud of myself.


There is still a long way to go but I have learnt to make better choices that will help me the rest of my life. I am more confident and fitter than I have ever been. With all thanks to Kat and the lovely environment that she and the team has built; where no one judges you, instead encourages you to keep going.


Thank you so much Kat!





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