Hi, I’m Gail.


I’ve always been an exercise enthusiast. I moved with my family to New Zealand from the UK eleven years ago, leaving my UK job as a fitness event organiser and personal trainer to teach school age swimmers at Karori pool and children’s cycle safety for Pedal Ready.


I hold black belts in combat Ju-Jitsu and self-defence, and I’ve taught women’s self-defence classes for several years in the UK.


I’ve also been a medieval re-enactor, fighting with sword and shield.


In 2010 I sustained a severe hip injury, a labral tear, which put me out of action for about four years, including arthroplasty and subsequent recovery. I was unable to walk for any appreciable distance but was able to swim occasionally. Recovery was very slow and painful, but I got there in the end.


Four years ago, just when I thought everything was good, I fell ill and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, a painful and debilitating illness which made the prospect of exercise seem impossible.


Having learned how to manage my RA and at the age of 51 I was resigned to having middle age spread and a sedentary future.


While clearing out my wardrobe and clothes cupboards I took to piling all my ‘skinny’ clothes on the bed ready to donate to the Sallies, when a little voice inside me said ‘No. It’s not over.’


I resolved to claw back some of the condition that I once had and put my clothes back in the wardrobe.


I joined my first 12-week Stellar Fitness Transformation Challenge soon after, and resolved to stick to the task. I was rewarded with an 8kg weight loss and improved muscle tone and cardio fitness.


We built an outdoor exercise area in the garden, complete with dumbbells, barbell, boxing gear and chin-up bar, which I use regularly.


I then joined the Stellar Fitness 8-week Fitness Challenge, and found my prior competitive mindset. I finished the Challenge in first place.


I still get my skinny clothes out of the wardrobe regularly, but now it’s to wear them.


Thank you Stellar Fitness.



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