Kia Ora my name is Emma!! 

I joined Stellar Fitness at the start of 2020, although I did do a few classes back in February 2019 before the netball season.

Halfway through last year, I had torn my meniscus which pretty much forced me to stop doing all physical activity. With me not being active, I had fallen into a lot of bad habits with my eating and it changed the way I felt mentally and physically. I knew that I had to change up my lifestyle and what better way to do that than through Stellar Fitness.

What I like about Stellar Fitness is the variety of classes that Kat offers. I always look forward to each class due to the fact that it’s always different and never boring. Exercising everyday has now become a part of my routine and it has gotten to a point that if I miss out on a class I eventually start to go crazy!

As much as I hate it, Static Fitness is probably my favourite class because it’s challenging and I know I’m going to sweat hard by the end of it. The Stellar community are all very supportive of each other and are also the most loveliest bunch out there!

I did my first 12-week Transformation Challenge at the end of February this year, and managed to finish in First place!

The challenge overall was great in terms of support which motivated me to push myself to the best of my abilities. Kat has driven me to challenge myself in every exercise and I feel so much more stronger and fitter. I have also gained back the confidence that I had lost in myself in the past year. Huge thank you for your motivation and encouragement!

Ngā Mihi Stellar Fitness

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