I remember calling my lovely friend Marija asking her to tell me more about her ‘ciabatta’ classes as it was that very moment in time I was motivated to do something different and become more active. I‘ll admit I was apprehensive, but honestly from the minute I arrived at StellaR, I felt like it was my home away from home. People were welcoming and encouraging, camaraderie apparent, new friendships forged without judgement nor fashion code (with the minor exception of the Stellar Fitness Solutions merchandiseWink ). This community spirit was endearing and I wanted more! 

I find myself attending 5 classes a week simply because they are fun, I love seeing my peeps and I leave feeling accomplished and recharged. A personal favourite is the Fight Fit, & the Static, & the Boxing, & the Box Circuit Laughing... oh it’s so hard to choose!!! Right from the start I’ve been impressed about how clearly passionate Kat is about her work and her fitness community. She is tirelessly committed, dependable, personal, and very understanding. We are all so darn lucky ...

I’ve now completed three challenges and placed first in the ‘Festive’ & ‘Winter‘ Transformation challenges for the Healthy Points Section, literally by following the rules to the letter. However, the greatest transformation lesson that I‘ve learnt through my entire StellaR journey is to remind myself to be kind to my body & mind, and to be grateful for the ability to simply live life to the full each day, just because we can! 

I couldn’t be more thankful to Marija for introducing me to StellaR Fitness, to Kat & to our community. My family know that StellaR has become an extended family to me - it’s had a great impact. My next challenge is to aim for the 500 club!!

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