Hi, my name is Sarah.

I joined Stellar Fitness in June 2020 after a chance encounter on the golf course. It was towards the end of lockdown, and I was caddying for my partner Rob. While on the course, we met up with his usual golf partner James and wife Kirsty. I hadn’t seen Kirsty in ages, and she was was looking amazingly fit and slim. As they walked in front of us I noticed Kirsty’s Stellar Fitness branded jacket and when I got home, I googled Stellar Fitness and ended up reading everything on the website.

The next day I emailed Kat and enquired about classes and the challenges. 

In my email I added that I was the heaviest and most unfit I had ever been, and at a bit of a low point. I was ready to make some changes. Kat came back to me almost straight away, and could not have been more understanding and encouraging.

I decided that as soon as lockdown ended, I would sign up for classes and the 8 Week Fitness Challenge. After the first few classes I was hooked. I love them and suffer acute FOMO when I miss any. I went on to win the Fitness Challenge and have completed two more challenges since (placing 3rd in the September 2020 12-week Transformation Challenge) - they are addictive! 

In the challenges Kat has created a winning formula of exercise, healthy eating, camaraderie and a little bit of competition, that totally works.

The StellaR community are an amazing group - I’ve gotten to know some fantastic new people - everyone is so friendly and supportive. No tossers - just normal people, juggling life and commitments, who accept everyone as they are, and most importantly enjoy a bit of a laugh while they are doing it.

Since joining Stellar Fitness I have lost 15kgs and my fitness has improved tenfold. I have my mojo back and plan to keep it that way.

Thanks Kat and fellow StellaRites - you are awesome.😊

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