Hi, my name is Angela and I have been attending Stellar Fitness classes for about five years.

I joined after some friends, who were concerned that my weight was ballooning and my health was declining, persuaded me to come to Kat’s classes.

At first, like most exercise, I hated it! I had been in denial about the state of my health and body so finding that I couldn’t do some of the exercises and couldn’t even get up off the floor was hard to take.

I crashed out of that first challenge, but it obviously planted a seed in me because within a few months I was back and have been attending classes ever since.

Being bigger than most, it is hard to find exercise places that don’t make you feel uncomfortable and someone to either be pitied, or (more often) judged. I remember my first weigh-in where Kat calmly read my weight, noted it and moved on.

There was no fuss, no judgement - just calm, measured and helpful advice. Kat helped me to work around my size and fitness issues so that I could modify the exercises to suit me and increase my ability to participate in the class, rather than leaving me to muddle through or expecting me to fit in.

In addition, I found that she had created an amazing fitness whanau who were only too willing to offer support and help me.

Over time, my weight reduced and my fitness grew.

Although its fair to say that I haven’t sustained as much weight-loss as I would have liked, I have maintained and improved my overall fitness and strength.

I can lift weights, do burpees, get up off the floor and on occasion even jump! Building my fitness allowed me to identify underlying issues with my hips and glutes, which Kat has been helping me work on, and I am now stronger and in less pain that I was before coming to Stellar Fitness.

Through Kat’s classes I have met some awesome people and made many new friends.

I am so pleased I found Stellar Fitness and I am looking forward to the next five years and the adventures they bring. 

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