Hi, my name is Tracy

I turned 40 last year and decided that this was going to be my year! I was finally going to make time for myself and stop making excuses about why I didn’t exercise or lose those unwanted kilos!

Enough was enough!

I’d been talking about it for over a decade…. I had to stop talking and start doing….. or, I was going to be 60 and still talking about it!

I started Kat’s group training classes in February last year. I remember coming home and saying to my husband that it was “really hard work – I couldn’t do most of it – but it was fun!”, I was all sweaty and felt GREAT for trying and determined to do better!

The following week, I signed up to ‘Kat’s Weight-Loss Challenge’. Over the next 12-weeks, I went to three of Kat’s classes a week (this was the only exercise I did) and followed Kat’s eating plan. I was so excited with my progress. The results were beyond what I could’ve imagined. I was losing weight, getting stronger and fitter.  At the end of the 12-weeks I had lost

10.7 kg, gone from a generous size 12 to a size 8 (of course, I needed a whole new wardrobe – what a great problem to have!).

I went on to lose another 2 kg. At this point, the husband decided that he too would start making healthier food choices. Again, following Kat’s guidelines, he too lost over 10 kg!

A year later, I have kept off the weight and continue to do at least three of Kat’s classes a week. I am now armed with the knowledge of ‘how to eat’, not just for me – but the kids and hubby too. I can show them how to live a healthy life – they see me exercising and making good food choices – so that they don’t end up being 40 and making the same excuses as me!

I am forever indebted to Kat. It was her motivation and style that helped me shed over12 kg and adopt a healthier lifestyle. One that not only my family and I'm benefiting from, but everyone I know! You are an inspiration Kat. Thank you :)

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