Hi, my name is Ainsline, and after I had my two children, I was looking for a way to lose the post baby weight, have fun and meet some new people, in my local community.

…and there was Kat.

I started attending Kat’s classes back in 2011 and, well, haven’t looked back.  I enjoy exercising with others, as it is much more motivating.  Plus Kat is a great motivator.

I decided to enter the weight loss challenge and lost about 7 kilos. I couldn’t believe how effective the plan was.  AND I have managed to keep the weight off nearly two years later.

But to me it was so much more than losing the weight.  I met, and continue to meet, some awesome women who continue to inspire me.  The other truly amazing benefit to these exercise classes is that it is time for me – just me!  I have also learnt over time that exercise is integral to managing stress, and with a family and a busy, stressful job, attending Kat’s classes helps me be more resilient.  I am better at my job and I am a better mum and partner. If I miss a few classes, I get a bit grumpy!

I have become addicted to how great I feel after attending Kat’s classes.  Some mornings I think it would be easier to just not get up, but I focus on the ‘buzz’ after the class, and that gets me out of bed.  

I think Kat is quite an inspiration.  I love that the classes continue to evolve and she is constantly working out new ways to motivate and inspire.  As the years have gone by, the kids schedules have changed, which means I can’t always make the evening classes.  So I attend the morning Tabata classes.  There is always an option available so I have no excuses.

The benefits are so many, and so varied, I wouldn’t want to give the classes up.  So, in essence, I owe a lot to Kat.  I make sure I build her classes into my day.  I look forward to each and every class and truly appreciate all that Kat brings to the table, her energy, enthusiasm and motivation keeps me coming back.

Thanks Kat!




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