Hi all, my name is Carolyn.

So, my Stellar Fitness Solutions journey started back in April 2012, when I was shy, unco-ordinated (fell over in my second ever warm up in class) and a bit unfit, and a friend told me about local circuit classes being run by a local personal trainer. I was always interested in circuit but was never a fan of joining the gym environment, so I jumped at the chance to try this, and nearly 3 years later, I am still loving it (still not too sure on those tricep dips though).

At the time I was attending aquafit classes at Keith Spry Pool twice a week, after 2009 surgery on my knee to replace a torn cruciate ligament.  The pool was starting to get a bit monotonous (and expensive), and I needed something else to do. Circuit class was it!!

I have always been an active person, walking dogs for a living is a pretty insane job, but circuit classes and fortnightly boxing classes and in the past, Saturday morning tabata classes  have kept me interested and my weight under control. They have also given me back a lot more movement in  my post surgery knee. I have lost nearly 10 kgs over the years, but my main focus was, and still is to maintain a good weight and to eat a better diet.(still stuggling a bit with that one) I have managed to do this with Kat’s classes, the challenges she sets and the nutrition advice she gives.

 So I have gone from size 12/14 jeans to a size 8. I never thought I would fit size 8 jeans ever again.

I have met so many new and exciting friends through Stellar Fitness Solutions and have competed in two Round the Bays events in the past, and tackled the Brookfield Butt Buster with a few of them. A few of us have even gone as far as completing the Tongariro Crossing this month, last year. Now that was a challenge! Tick that off the bucket list!!!

Mary-Therese Nalder has been my exercise buddy since my first class when I didn’t even know her and we are still going strong. We egg each other on and keep each other focused. Thanks MT!!! You’re awesome!

Having these classes in the community and having made lots of new friends in them, ladies and men, has also helped me come out of my shell and helped me deal with my depression better. Good vibes, not bad vibes is what I get out of classes.

My motto for class: No pain, no gain.

Thanks Kat for giving me the opportunity to share my short journey with you all. See you in class!!!

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