Hi my name's Alice.

I'm a mother of 4 girls and it's my full time job!

Ages 7, 9, 11, 13. Between them all they have 9hrs dance, 10hrs of netball after school. Not to mention the swimming on a Sunday ha which I see Kat at! So you can imagine the energy that all takes! By the time I get home in the evening all are starving, homework, showers you know how it goes!

Hence I went into a spiral of snacking on their food till John was home at 7pm to eat dinner - you know, the meat, 3 veg, and don't forget the potatoes and rice! Oh and the bottle of wine! All those carbs and sugar! Then bed!

Over the years I have done loads of fitness from playing Golf, being an Aerobics Instructor, completing a triathlon and 1/2 and full marathons.

Then there were kids!

When my last baby went to school, I joined the gym and worked my way up to 4 classes a week. But it wasn't making much of a difference.

Then one of my besties mentioned she was doing a weight loss challenge. (Stellar Fitness with Kat) I was inspired by her amazing change in attitude and energy she gained from this. Not to mention the weight loss.

This got me interested, then my neighbour did Kat's weight loss challenge too with the same results. I decided with some very good friends it was time to take the plunge!

I was so motivated with my friends on board! I haven't missed one Tabata class in 14 weeks - not to mention the weekly Boxing classes which have both given me strength and toning. I came 3rd place in the challenge, and I am now lighter than I was before kids, and feeling great for it.

Kat has a great bunch of people in her classes, they're all there to work hard, and she gives that extra support I haven't experienced from any gym.

Wanting to stay on track I have taken on the fitness challenge, OMG yes I am worried but can't wait to see where it takes me!

Thanks Kat

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