Hi, my names Vanessa and I started Katrina's Circuit classes in 2013.


Unfortunately I always had an image in my head that Personal Trainers were teeny tiny underweight people so when I arrived at my first class, I was shocked to see Kat.  Here was a normal sized person (with a lot of muscles).  Being very naïve in the fitness department, I had a lot to learn.


I had never been in a fitness class environment before and found it slightly intimidating.  The more I went, the more I found that everyone else also had issues and struggled as much as the next person, including Kat herself.  I also found that the class was made up of a great bunch of ladies and have made some very good friends, some of them sober. 


I had carried around a lot of extra weight for most of my adult life without actually realizing it.  I joined Kats Weight loss challenge and all up lost around 17-20kgs that year.  I have managed to keep the weight off and have set a number in my head that I am not allowed to exceed.  I love seeing new people come to class and join the weight loss challenges. 

It’s awesome to see them transform and it helps me to stay motivated.  Having so many different varieties of exercises definitely helps as well. I do rotational shift work and don't have Childcare readily available, but have managed to make exercising regularly a priority and manage to fit it in to my revolving schedule. 


Moral of the story........Kat does an amazing job.  She changed my whole way of thinking (about food and exercise) and continues to motivate me by looking great herself. 


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