Hi my name is Jo.

I moved to New Zealand just over three years ago and a family member introduced me to Kat’s classes and the summer weight loss challenge. I had put on weight through the stress of moving over to the other side of the world and not being in control of my diet (we moved in with my hubby’s mum). I loved that first challenge and had great success beating my initial weight loss goal. Since then I have had another baby and have done a couple more challenges to shift the baby weight! 


I am a busy mum of four. Doing part-time nannying and trying to set up a business. Baby number four has had some medical conditions which have made life that bit more complicated, so finding time for me was a challenge. Hence why the weight loss challenge was a great opportunity to think about me and stop using food (and wine) as a crutch.


Since starting the challenge, I’ve only missed one class due to illness and I have loved getting out to my classes and being able to work off the days trials and tribulations and meet up with my friends. I love seeing my muscles again and felling like I am in control of my body just like my pre baby days. I am now the lightest I have been since becoming a mummy and it feels great. I’m finding that in the evenings, instead of reaching for a glass of wine, I’m reaching for my trainers. I’m using exercise as a de-stressor instead of using alcohol (which I now reserve for having a laugh with my mates).


I have reached my goal for this challenge, but intend to do the festive challenge because it keeps me on track (last year I lost weight over the summer holidays rather than gaining). My aim is to keep up my exercise and continue feeling good about myself.


Thank you Kat, for all your hard work and your motivation that you give me. Thanks for being so inspiring and being real (showing that even normal people like me could achieve what you have with hard work and commitment). I love your classes. Love the variety and even look forward to getting up early on a Saturday morning (and escaping while everyone is sleeping). And the bonus is I don't have to put the kids to bed two times a week :)

Thank goodness for my supportive family and the great community at the classes.


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