Hi all, my name is Greer.

I am very new to the Stellar family, and this is my first challenge (February 2019)…

I would like to rewind back in time to 6 months ago to a small rural town in the Waikato, where I was living and raising my twin sons.

Life was work and kids, kids and work. I made plenty of excuses as to why I wasn’t exercising at all, and why my eating habits were so poor, I had also pretty much shut myself off from friends and family. Now I look back, I can see I was miserable and stuck in a rut.

My adventure began when I saw a transfer opportunity through work… and 4 months later, after taking some really risky chances and yanking myself out of my comfort zone, here I am loving Wellington….

I first became aware of Stellar 5 days before the challenge started, while reading an ad in the community section of my son’s schools newsletter.

As becoming involved in a fitness activity was at the top of my priority list, I kept thinking about this opportunity and it didn’t take long to decide to give it a go. I like to think it was fate. Laughing

Right from the start, Kat was warm and welcoming. I was terrified walking into the hall on the first day to weigh in. I was very embarrassed at how I’d let myself go. Not once did I feel anything less than supported by Kat.

What was also pleasantly surprising was how the Stellar community welcomed me in. I love how everyone is at different stages of their own journeys and this had helped keep me motivated and focused.

Like many others, I have struggled with injury and pain. Kat continues to work with me to find solutions, nothing seems to be too much for this amazing lady.

Most of all though, Kat is a very real person. She has a real knack of connecting with everyone and doesn't hesitate to share both her good and not so good experiences.

You really are an inspiration Kat!

 At the time of writing this I have just completed 11 weeks of the current challenge, and already have made some excellent friends.

I can't wait for the next challenge!

Thanks Kat

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