Circuit training is the fastest way to achieve maximum results from your workout. The circuit is designed to work the entire body, combining strength and cardio training to give you a total body workout.

The class runs for 45 minutes, and includes time to meet and greet, warm up carefully, targeted strength and cardio phases, FUN group activities and a safe stretch and cool down! The class will consist of multiple exercises that tone muscles, build core strength and improve cardiovascular fitness. You will use a variety of exercises and equipment such as your bodyweight, kettlebells, dumbbells, powerbags and medicine balls.

No two sessions are the same so you will be kept guessing each Monday as to what will be coming next!!

Kat from Stellar Fitness provides group training sessions designed for Men and Women that are tailored to your specific goals and needs. Whether you’re getting back in to fitness, recovering from an injury, a new mum, have a few kilos to lose or looking for a challenge, this class is carefully planned to cater for all fitness levels.

Please bring a towel, water bottle, and a smile...I will bring the excitement, motivation and skills to make it work for you!!!


WHEN: Every Monday night, 6:30pm-7:15pm

WHERE:  Newlands Primary School hall, 200 Newlands road, Newlands

COST: $10 per class 


What are the Benefits?

Calorie Burn: Circuit training helps you burn more calories, especially when it comes to strength training. While you may burn just about 220 calories per hour in a traditional set and rest weightlifting session, in circuit training you could burn far more -- up to 10 calories per minute, or 600 calories per hour.

Body Composition: Circuit training can improve your body composition, or the percentage of your total body weight comprised of fat, by burning calories and building muscles. Additionally, increased muscle mass boosts the number of calories burned during rest and exercise.

Fun: Group training circuit classes are a fun way to incorporate exercise in to your life. Group training is about being part of a big, fun experience, working together to achieve better health, so if you have a hard time keeping motivated then group fitness is for you! Bring a friend along and enjoy training together or meet like-minded people who want to share their experiences with you.

Team support: The greatest thing about training within a group is that all group members are working towards similar goals, so you’ll be supporting and helping each other to achieve.

"Where Fat Is Burned & Pride Is Earned"

Any questions regarding the class - please do not hesitate to ask :)